How to get pregnant?

Natural ways ways to optimize fertility

Infertility can become one of the most traumatizing ordeals any person would have to go through. Infertility is, even more, traumatizing in marriages and without proper communication, it may cause a breakup. However, did you know that there are natural ways that one can improve their fertility?

A key point to remember in every fertility Inquisition is the importance of a healthy egg. A healthy ovum is ideally more receptive to implantation and fertilization. Several factors affect the health of the egg. Noteworthy, the classical view is that ovum cells are some of the few cells that do not regenerate. However, recent studies show that indeed a woman can reproduce ovum throughout their reproductive age.

Foremost, it is advised that one adjusts their lifestyle for healthy ovum and by extension to boost their fertility. A major contributing factor to infertility is overweight. Weight problems are caused by habits such as such as heavy drinking alcohol of smoking and unhealthy eating. A healthy weight translates to a healthy BMI that in turn has been linked to increased fertility.

On the other hand, being overweight decreases sperm production in men and causes inconsistency evolution in women. In a recent study to this effect, it was shown that women of unhealthy weight had a two- fold increase in the time spent to get pregnant. Being too thin may also cause infertility. This is because a person who is too thin may not be capable of producing enough estrogen that is required for proper ovulation.

The linkage between alcohol and obesity is in the sense that it causes ovulation disorders in women. Although, there has been no consensus on the amount of alcohol consumption can alter the healthy reproductive system, moderation is key. In a certain study, for instance, it was shown that women who consume two alcoholic beverages a day reduced their chances of getting pregnant by 60 percent.

Another natural way to boost fertility is by incorporating a healthy diet. To start with, consider replacing your animal proteins such as beef, chicken, pork with vegetable proteins such as nuts and cereals. Studies show that this nutritional change can cause a decrease of infertility by up to 50 percent. Also, add the amount of high-fat dairy you consume daily or rather, replace the low-fat dairy with high-fat serving.

Also, focus on foods that have been proved to improve fertility, otherwise known as fertility superfoods. The best examples here are, Maca, Royal Jelly. Consuming Maca boosts fertility by nourishing the endocrine system that in turn leads to a balanced hormonal balance. Hormonal imbalance is a contributing factor of infertility.

The use of tobacco products also plays a significant role in causing infertility. Quitting smoking is, therefore, a pinnacle rule for anyone desirous of getting pregnant. Notably, smoking causes aging of a woman’s ova and depletes eggs prematurely. Moreover, smoking reduces the uterus’ reception to the egg.

Exercise is yet another natural way to boost fertility. Ideally, exercises cause more fresh blood flow in the ovum. The exercise must, however, be geared to optimize fertility. In this regard, extreme exercises have been shown to decrease fertility by causing hormonal disruption. The ideal exercise should be regular and moderate. Try Yoga sessions, taking walks, bike riding, and swimming.

Exercise could also play a major role in relieving stress. Stress has a detrimental impact on fertility. Primarily, if a woman is under stress, they produce cortisol and other hormones that will hamper or even block ovulation.

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