Boema Coffee

Boema Coffee


Since 2013, we sell the brand Boema for all their commercial coffee machines and coffee grinders. They manufacture locally in Australia. Their grinder on demand is one of the most use in NSW and QLD. Cafes will often use a Boema coffee machine and grinder with a range of Birko benchtop equipment to offer light food for take away. We recommend often our customers to go for a 2 group semi auto coffee machine to process faster your orders.  Depending on your needs you may want more or less group but make sure that your equipment supplier support local calls and maintenance.


The brand does offer more than just 4 or 5 models. They sell over 20 different models from the most popular one , the Conti BCM,100,CC to more niche equipment such as the Monte Carlo range that comes with multi boiler and an incredible design.

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