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Skin treatment procedures | Zagari’s Sydney


Microdermabrasion is a general term that applies to a group of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in which the dead outer surface layer of the skin is removed. The part of skin is partially or completely removed by light abrasion for the sake of removing sun damage, lighten scars and discolorations, or treat acne. There is some evidence that Microdermabrasion can encourage the production of collagen and elastin in the newly-revealed layer of skin.

The skin treatments of Microdermabrasion is very popular as both men and women can benefit from this treatment. It’s a procedure for beauty treatment. It demands that the plastic surgeon removes the dead cells from the outward level of peel using scratch. There are different materials used including crystal or zinc oxide as the abrasive in handheld wand.

After the procedure, one looks younger, bright and healthy without dirt, oil and dead cells. In the market, there are a few home microdermabrasion treatments that help to exfoliate away the dead skin cells.

Dermal Rolling

Skin rejuvenation refers to a treatment to resurface the skin, improve the texture and overall appearance of the skin.
There are many skin conditions treatable through dermal fillers or skin rejuvenation. The first of many is, static wrinkles. These wrinkles are always visible and do not change in appearance with facial movements.

Another treatable wrinkle condition is called dynamic wrinkles. These are expression lines that may appear as folds when the skin is not moving, and deepen with facial movements or expressions. As the result of acne or injury to the skin, scars may be rolling, pitted, discolored, or have raised borders.
Radiesse dermal filler; a product of calcium-based microspheres in a water-based gel, is injected into the skin in a simple procedure. It is the ideal choice for total facial contouring and restores a youthful healthy appearance.

Pigmentation Removal

Skin pigmentation tends to affect the colour of the skin because of the pigment known as melanin. If the cells that make melanin get damaged, they create dark patches on the skin which leads to suffering from the skin pigmentation. Too much of the melanin makes the skin go darker which is known as Hyperpigmentation; whereas too little of melanin production makes the skin go lighter which is called Hypopigmentation. It can be also caused due to heat, medication, injury as well as emotional pressure.

One of the best remedies for the dark patches on the skin is potato. You can slice it up and rub it on your skin to get rid of the dark spots.
Lemon is one of the best things that can work to lighten the dark patches, as it is natural bleach. Just cut it, squeeze out some juice and mix it up with 2 teaspoons of honey then apply. A mixture of cucumber juice, lime juice and honey applied on the affected area also works so well.
Finally, the aloe Vera, should be put into consideration. To get results soon, take the gel out of the aloe Vera leaves and apply it on your face every day for half an hour. This helps in rejuvenating the skin.

Cosmetic grade peel

Facial chemical peels are used to remove unsightly blemishes, and to clear sun burns, age spots, and acne scars.Different types of chemical peels can even be used to prevent the recurrence of acne breakouts in patients with significant acne problems.
Generally, the chemical used is an acid that corrodes the top layers of skin, leaving fresh,skin without blemish behind. This procedure is common practice in dermatology and spa settings. One experiences some redness, potential itching and burning, as well as possible swelling after a chemical peel, but this usually goes away within a few days. This is the only real side effect of chemical peels, unless you have an allergic reaction to the treatment.

Vascular vein removal

Spider vein removal has become an everyday treatment process which involves an hour or less of actual treatment time and minimal if any discomfort. The use of surgery to treat varicose and spider veins has all but disappeared since new techniques have instigated minimally invasive treatments such as sclerotherapy, laser removal, and the VNUS closure treatment. Each treatment is minimally invasive and requires no surgery. Since spider veins are smaller than varicose veins, laser removal is the treatment of choice that is fast growing in popularity next to sclerotherapy, a technique that has been around longer and which involves an injection which causes the vein to collapse and dissolve.

Spider vein removal by way of laser treatments is simple and requires no anesthesia, no incisions and has become increasingly popular for the treatment of veins on the faces and other areas as well. Usually the smaller the vein, the more applicable laser treatments are. For patients suffering from larger veins, or varicose veins, there are other treatment options which are more effective, such as the VNUS catheter closure procedure which involves the insertion of a catheter into the vein to be removed, and gradually pulled out while sealing the vein shut with radiology. This is one of the more successful treatments for varicose veins that has recently become available.

Skin tightening

Skin tightening treatment is the best option for rejuvenation of your face and body that gives dramatic results. Skin tightening treatment effectively combats the appearance of loose skin, fine intermediate lines (wrinkles) and gives you more smooth and youthful appearance. Sometimes, surgical treatments like face lift and tummy tuck is the only option to get things done. However, lots of time, laxity of facial skin is very moderate or mild, and less treatment can achieve the desire results.

Laser skin tightening treatment is quite appropriate for both men and women and it suits all kind of skin and all skin tones who wish to achieve great results without any painful surgery and much lengthy recovery. Type of skin, body area these all play an important role in the results. Different laser technologies provide unique degrees of skin tightening but generally the more aggressive skin treatment the more noticeable the results are.

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